OIL SEAL, 30X42X11

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Usage & Utility
The function of the oil seal is to stop whatever fluid is inside from leaking out the clearance between the shaft and housing. The seal may also be used to prevent outside materials, such as dirt, from moving in through the clearance.

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Applicability Base Model
  • Achiever


  •  Duet


  •  Glamour


  •  HF Dawn

    HF Dawn

  •  HF Deluxe

    HF Deluxe

  •  Ignitor


  •  Maestro Edge

    Maestro Edge

  •  Passion Plus

    Passion Plus

  •  Splendor Plus

    Splendor Plus

  •  Super Splendor

    Super Splendor

Additional Information

Applicability Base Model Achiever, Duet, Glamour, HF Dawn, HF Deluxe, Ignitor, Maestro Edge, Passion Plus, Splendor Plus, Super Splendor
Applicability Model 100 SS (Mar, 2005), Achiever (Oct, 2005), Duet (Sep, 2015), Glamour (Jan, 2007), Glamour (Jun, 2005), Glamour (Nov, 2008), Glamour FI (Apr, 2011), Glamour FI (Jan, 2007), Glamour FI (July, 2012), Glamour FI (Jun, 2006), Glamour FI (May, 2010), Glamour FI (Nov, 2008), Glamour FI (Nov, 2013), HF Dawn (Apr, 2003), HF Dawn (Aug, 2012), HF Dawn (Mar, 2005), HF Dawn (Mar, 2010), HF Dawn (Nov, 2006), HF Deluxe (Jul, 2007), HF Deluxe (Mar, 2005), HF Deluxe (Nov, 2006), HF Deluxe (Nov, 2008), Ignitor (May, 2012), Ignitor (Nov, 2014), Maestro Edge (Sep, 2015), Passion Plus (Jun, 2007), Passion Plus (Oct, 2006), Passion Plus (Sep, 2003), Splendor NXG (Feb, 2008), Splendor NXG (May, 2007), Splendor NXG (Sep, 2008), Splendor Plus (Mar, 2012), Splendor Plus (Mar, 2015), Splendor Plus (May, 2010), Splendor Plus (Sep, 2003), Splendor Plus (Sep, 2009), Splendor Plus Cast Wheel (Jan, 2008), Splendor Plus Cast Wheel (Sep, 2007), Splendor Pro (Sep, 2010), Super Splendor (Feb, 2005), Super Splendor (Jan, 2006), Super Splendor (Jun, 2007)
Specification Material: Rubber, steel Dimensions: 30 mm X 42 mm X 11 mm
Know Your Product Made from rubber with inner steel.
Prevents lubricating oil from leaking outside even under high pressure of the oil.

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