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Applicability Base Model Glamour, Super Splendor
Applicability Model Glamour (Apr, 2011), Glamour (Jan, 2007), Glamour (Jun, 2005), Glamour (Mar, 2010), Glamour (May, 2012), Glamour (Nov, 2008), Glamour (Nov, 2013), Glamour FI (Apr, 2011), Glamour FI (Jan, 2007), Glamour FI (July, 2012), Glamour FI (Jun, 2006), Glamour FI (May, 2010), Glamour FI (Nov, 2008), Glamour FI (Nov, 2013), Glamour FI (Nov, 2014), Super Splendor (Feb, 2005), Super Splendor (Jan, 2006), Super Splendor (Jan, 2014), Super Splendor (Jul, 2010), Super Splendor (Jun, 2007), Super Splendor (May, 2012)
Specification Material:Cold Rolled Stainless Steel No. Of Part: 05 Thickness Gasket cylinder Head: 0.2 mm Weight of Gasket cylinder Head: 0.009 kg
Know Your Product Made from Steel
kit consist 5 part
Corrosion Resistence body.
Good strength